Traverse Internet Law deals with a lot of online defamation for clients around the country and world and we monitor legal decisions. A recent report is revealing in terms of the liability associated with the publication of false information online. Richard Warman, a lawyer, was recently awarded a judgment of $50,000 and then the Judge issued an injunction requiring the defendant to issue a retraction, remove comments from the web, and publish nothing that is defamatory in the future. Mr. Warman, a well known attorney trying to eradicate Internet hatred, was the subject of a “mobosphere attack” resulting from comments published by the defendant and others taking his lead. At Traverse Internet Law we take particular notice of the basis for the monetary judgment, which included the Judge’s conclusion that the comments of the defendant “by their volume and wide dissemination” exposed the Plaintiff to “hatred, contempt and ridicule”, which sounds an awful lot like a “mobosphere attack”.